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Tyrell “Real Rell” Augustin is a New Orleans native. At the age of 12, he was listening to Tupac, Biggie and Jay-Z which inspired him to get into hip-hop and pursue a career.

The journey was not easy. During his start, he experienced the taste of street life while rapping. However, he never gave up-doing various underground mixtapes and local features. 

Real Rell moved to Atlanta after Hurricane Katrina. Here, he learned his sound and how competitive the rap game really was. But it didn’t discourage him. 

Growing up listening to Lil Wayne, T.I. and Bow-Wow re-enforced the belief that he can do this.

Real Rell is confident in himself and his ability to change the climate in the music game. With his new mixtape dropping, “Answer the Call,” he said: “People will really see that I’m not just a rapper; I’m something different.”

Most of his previous music catered more to street life and his experience growing up, he explained, “I rapped about what I was going through, ya know, and how it was in these streets. It was about everyday life for me.” 

But, at this point, Rell is venturing into social issues, more positive messages in his music, and entertaining the people.

Though it was a learning curb with some missed opportunities and unfortunate situations that could have been avoided. Rell quickly acknowledged, “But my experiences made me into the man I am today.”

As for his new mixtape, “Answer the Call,” he said, “It’s a project that covers a lot of experiences. I really went there on many topics. Instead of me telling you about the mixtape, I want the people to tell me what they think. I believe my mixtape will speak for itself”.

Real Rell always stays true to his roots-what got him here, but he refuses to be put himself into a box. “I do what I do because I love writing, rapping, and getting the people to vibe with me. It’s a beautiful thing,” he explained.

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